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The Buzz About DecisionUSA 2020

Thousands of people voiced their praise for our 2020 election coverage. Thank you! Here is a small sample of the mountains of Buzz for DecisionUSA.


"Had no idea how important this show was until tonight and seeing all the media games and potential calls that need to be a walk back...thank you all for being there with the truth."

"Watching and enjoying your coverage! Thanks for all your hard work Tracy, Larry, and Rich." 

"I never even turned on Fox-- Just your broadcast. Great content and amazing guests."


"Thanks Tracy to you and Larry and Rich for your competent and entertaining coverage. I knew Tracy from her channel before and I love her upbeat fun expressions and demeanor. I don't think I could have found a better election coverage stream."

"If you're not watching @LarrySchweikart and @tracybeanz, you're missing history!"


"Sent this to several of my groups so we all don’t have to be on an emotional roller coaster with tricky FOX."

"What’s the twitter handle of this Rich guy, the pollster? Love listening to him."

"Just tweeted this to my sis in Nashville...this is where I'll be."

"That was such a great show last night - it was a breath of fresh air. You had the only place I could find with normal election coverage. Please do this for every election cycle - it's exactly the kind of coverage we need to replace the MSM garbage."

"You guys are the best! I turned off Fox News and only watching you. Loving it! Plus very entertaining. Love your guests and Rich is spot on!!"

"Great job. The best election return show I’ve ever seen. Bravo to you all." 

"Great coverage this evening. Thank you to you @Peoples_Pundit, @TracyBeanz and @LarrySchweikart."

"It was way more interesting listening to you all and your guests than Fox."

"Tracy, Larry et al, you have done an outstanding job tonight. Thank you sooo much for your efforts and hard work to be here voicing the truth."

"I’m so grateful for you tonight, for your service to this country with factual reporting on what’s happening county by county with the actual votes. So grateful thank you. Couldn’t find a single mainstream media network with the facts. Except you."

"U guys did so good!!!! It was a godsend for u to have Baris on to calm my nerves when I saw all the shady shit begin to happen."

"I watched the entire time !!! Thanks, best coverage tonight."

"You, Larry, and Rich were fantastic! You guys saved me. Very calming, facts, and fun. Thank you! Does Rich have a Twitter account? He’s unbelievable!"

"Thanks, we appreciate your honesty and integrity, we’re staying up with you too!"

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