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The Midterms

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Your America, Your Choice TM

Larry Schweikart

New York Times #1 Best-selling author, political pundit and historian

Tracy Beanz_edited.jpg
Tracy Beanz

Editor-in-chief of Uncover DC and investigative journalist

John Graves_edited.jpg
John Graves

CEO of Million Voices, lawyer, political voice of change 

Richard Barris_edited.jpg
Richard Barris

America's #1 Pollster, political commentator and founder of People's Pundit

Tired of network news... even the so called conservative networks?
Don't like the election coverage you suffered through in 2020?
You've found the only source for real election coverage and results.
Fact-based, data-driven election returns.
No early calls.
Just in-depth analysis and plain talk.

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Sebastian Gorka

America First Host, Former Deputy Assistant to POTUS

Kelli Ward_edited_edited_edited_edited.j
Dr. Kelli Ward

Arizona Republican Party Chairman, Activist and Author

Mike Opelka.jpg
Mike Opelka

Radio Host, Reporter, Writer and Producer

Isaiah Washington.jpg
Isaiah Washington

Actor and Internet Personality

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