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It's your America. Your choice.
What will it be? A place of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Where we take responsibility for our lives, do the hard things, and grow as individuals and a nation. Or do we sink to the lowest level of human existence as slaves to tyranny and self-interest?

We choose liberty. What about you?
Be part of the mission to regain American values and awaken them in your heart and the hearts of others who need them most. That starts with each of us and the decisions we make about the people we put in leadership positions. 

On this site...
Coming this November, honest, accurate data-driven election night coverage.
Free courses on America and history.
Recommended books to get and stay informed.
Curated podcasts and programs that keep you up to date.
And more.

It's all here at DecisionUSA.  


Get Set for Live Election Night Coverage 

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Tuesday, November 5, 2024 

Beginning 6:00 pm Eastern / 3:00 pm Pacific

(Viewing links coming in November)

The honest, accurate, data-driven election coverage you loved in 2020 is back. You deserve something more than network news election coverage with its biased perspective and early calls. With DecisionUSA Online, once again, you have a choice on election night.

And that choice is the live webcast, DecisionUSA 2024.

  • Watch continual poll returns as we get them.

  • Understand the data behind the races.

  • Hear from guests who keep things lively and real.

  • Discover the historical and political implications.

  • Interact via our live social media feed. 

  • And no calling winners before the data is conclusive!

Meet Your DecisionUSA 2024 Hosts

Let experts with decades of experience in politics, economics, world affairs, and history be your guides in November. No newscasters reading from teleprompters. Rather, they are informed, thoughtful analysts and experts who bring the perfect blend of insight, information, perspective and energy.


Dr. Larry Schweikart

Political podcaster of "Today's News," on his site, The Wild World of Politics, Larry is the author of the New York Times #1 Bestselling A Patriot's History of the United States, the Amazon best-seller A Patriot's History of Globalism, and dozens more books and papers on history and politics. He's also the founder and creator of the nation's bestselling high school home school history curriculum, "The Wild World of History," and curator and creator of political commentary at "The Wild World of Politics." You can hear Larry as a guest on podcasts regularly. He brings to DecisionUSA 2024 decades of political insight and a historical perspective that is unique in election coverage. You loved him in 2020, now Larry's back in 2024.


Seth Keshel, MBA

Author of the popular blog "Captain K's Corner," keynote speaker, and regular guest on countless political podcasts, Seth Keshel served in the United States Army as Captain of Military Intelligence. He is an Afghanistan War veteran and expert in data and analysis. He is the only analyst who correctly predicted the winners of every state in the 2016 election, and his analytical methodology is what he brings to DecisionUSA 2024. Seth is passionate about fair elections and created his Ten-Points to True Election Integrity and was commended by President Trump for his work in the field of election integrity. He believes it is the right of every American to have confidence in the electoral system.


Ashe Epp

Ashe in America is a Colorado-based writer, podcaster, and liberty activist with more than 20 years of experience driving enterprise change programs for some of the world’s most recognized brands. A proudly unaffiliated voter, Ashe focuses her work on underreported truths about Colorado, culture, and government corruption. She joined DecisionUSA 2024 to bring much-needed fair reporting of election results to people worldwide. 

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Praise for DecisionUSA 2020

Hundreds of thousands praised our coverage four years ago.
Let's get set for an encore.

"That was such a great show last night - it was a breath of fresh air. You had the only place I could find with normal election coverage. Please do this for every election cycle - it's exactly the kind of coverage we need to replace the MSM garbage."

"You have done an outstanding job tonight. Thank you sooo much for your efforts and hard work to be here voicing the truth."

"I’m so grateful for you tonight, for your service to this country with factual reporting on what’s happening county by county with the actual votes. So grateful, thank you. Couldn’t find a single mainstream media network with the facts. Except you."

"Thanks, we appreciate your honesty and integrity, we’re staying up with you, too!"

"You guys are the best! I turned off Fox News and only watching you. Loving it! Plus very entertaining. Love your guests, and your analysis is spot on!!"

"Had no idea how important this show was until tonight and seeing all the media games and potential calls that need to be a walk back...thank you all for being there with the truth."

"Watching and enjoying your coverage! Thanks for all your hard work at DecisionUSA 2020." 

"I never even turned on Fox-- Just your broadcast. Great content and amazing guests."


"Thanks for your competent and entertaining coverage. I don't think I could have found a better election coverage stream."

"If you're not watching @LarrySchweikart and @tracybeanz, you're missing history!"


"Sent this to several of my groups so we all don’t have to be on an emotional roller coaster with tricky FOX."

"Great job. The best election return show I’ve ever seen. Bravo to you all." 

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